Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling a house or looking to settle a property line dispute, real estate law touches upon your biggest investments. Residential or commercial properties are often the largest component of any personal or business asset portfolio and maintaining their value means keeping them legally protected.

John Kenney & Associates, PLLC can not only help with property transfers but also any disputes that arise during transfers or in the course of ownership.

‘For Sale By Owner’ Services

Not hiring a realtor means keeping more proceeds from your home sale. However, it also means more work on your part that goes beyond the standard online forms. Home sales require airtight warranties and sales documents that are best customized by a skilled real estate lawyer. We can ensure that your documents are binding and protect you from liability.

REAL ESTATE Purchase & Sale Agreements

The purchase and sale agreement shows mutual acceptance of an offer, the final price, and all terms of the sale. This comprehensive document is the most important part of transferring real estate as it provides warranties and contingencies. A poorly drafted one will compromise your interests while an agreement drafted with your circumstances in mind will keep you covered during challenges and make the purchase process easier.

Promissory Notes & Deeds of Trust

The promissory note preserves the promise of payment while the deed of trust provides security and collateral for the seller and eventually transfers the property, provided the payments are made. These agreements are important to preserving your security interest if you are the seller, in case of a need to foreclose, and showing an ownership interest if you are a buyer.


Does your neighbor need to run a pipe or build a road through your land? That permission is granted through an easement. You can make an easement indefinite, require compensation or ask to be allowed use it also. Our attorneys can draft an easement suitable for your situation.


Not all goes well in property transactions or during the course of ownership. Sometimes, property lines are ignored, easements disobeyed, and titles contain egregious errors. We can investigate your matter to find the best way to solve or settle these disputes so your property value is not compromised.

Property Line Disputes:

Whether through long term neglect or callous disregard, property line disputes arise when a party believes a neighbor is trespassing with their use or a new improvement. We can help conduct a survey and form the appropriate response if this challenge arises.

Title Disputes:

There can be a disagreement over who owns the property, whether it was properly transferred or a lien was ignored. Our attorneys can provide the due diligence needed to clean up this mess and help you rest easy in your ownership.

Other Property Agreements

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