“John Kenney has helped me with a variety of business and real estate decisions and I have recommended him to others. In this age of the customer review, I don’t make recommendations lightly or without thought. I have worked with him over the past 6 or 7 years. John believes in service, in serving others, and is not your traditional attorney. He thinks creatively, strategically, and thoughtfully. When I have sent him an email or met with him in person, I am always impressed at his enthusiasm to solve my problem.

John explains things in plain English, not legal-ese, and makes the work at hand make sense. He quickly figures out how to best navigate your situation, your scenario, and helps you make the best decision — that’s the mark of a good attorney, in my book. I encourage you to call him first as you search for a professional to help you in real estate, in estate planning, and for business needs in general. I know he has expertise in other areas, too, but these three are the ones where I have received his help.”

-Business Law client


“When it becomes clear that you are in a financial place where you never intended to be, and you are feeling completely overwhelmed by the circumstances that led to it – it is so good to find not only an attorney but an entire office that does not make you feel like crud. Throughout a complicated process that included juggling short sales of investment property, we were treated like the best customers, told what to expect, given options that helped making the decisions that were required, as well as assisted with the “life after bankruptcy” questions.”

-Real Estate client


“I first met Mr. Kenney several years ago at a seminar I was attending and he was one of the featured speakers. Attorneys in general have a reputation for being greedy, dishonest, and not very likable. Mr. Kenney was exactly the opposite. First of all, I really enjoyed his presentation that he gave, and I learned many things I had never known in regards to my retirement plan.”

After his presentation, I had a chance to speak with him personally backstage and I quickly realized that not only was he extremely knowledgeable in his areas of expertise, but he was also a man of great integrity. It’s rare to find an attorney who genuinely has his clients’ best interest at heart. It’s very refreshing.”

-Estate Planning client


“My husband and I were very nervous about entering into this but we were deep in debt and about to lose our home, After a little research we found Brittany . At our consultation she listened to our story, explained the process and her perammeters and assured us that this was thr right thing to do. I was impressed with her ability to remember and decipher everything we told her. Her paralegal, LaJune Brister is amazing with the details and keeps everyone on track. They’re a great team and I would definitely recommend their services.”

-Chapter 13 client


“I’ve had the good fortune to get to know John both personally and professionally over the past several years. He is of high character and in my opinion one of the best estate planning attorneys in our community. John is always willing to help and he has been a gracious contributor to my weekly radio show and allowed me to interview him for my book on retirement. We refer many people to him every year. He is truly an asset to our community and does excellent work.”

-Estate Planning client


“Brittany was very timely and professional in all meetings and correspondence related to our circumstances. Her experience also allowed her to anticipate many of our needs as she guided us through a difficult challenge.
Brittany was recommended to us by people we trust and have known for over 7 years, and she was better than we expected in all interactions and her fulfillment of her duties.”

-Chapter 7 client


“John is a very ethical and saavy attorney with special interests in estate planning and real estate. He is very easy to understand and has a passion for legal issues surrounding an estate, trusts and real estate transactions. I recommend him without reservations.”

-Estate Planning client


“Ms. Cline expertly guided me through a successful Chapter7 filing here in WA. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in this process and helped me get through it with a minimal amount of pain at a fair price. Highly recommended!”

-Chapter 7 client


“John handled my divorce, and also set up my will. It was a difficult time for me and John very patiently and kindly walked me through it all. He is very sharp and thorough and does not overlook anything. He also handled my mother’s trust and I really believe that we have a great lawyer to go to for any of our legal needs. He is very personable and caring and I’m so glad that our family has found him!”

-Divorce client


“Brittany is wonderful! Bankruptcy can be an extremely overwhelming experience; Brittany and the team at Luce Kenney were knowledgeable, non-judgmental, personable and handled my case with the utmost respect. I highly recommend them!”

-Chapter 7 client


“I used John to set up some complex real estate entities. He did this well and with ease.

When my partner suddenly died, there were numerous legal and inheritance issues that looked like I was going to be liable for way more taxes than was reasonable. John thought with me and we figured out a good solution to this issue.

He and his office are always easy to reach, respond well and thoughtfully and are really smart.”

-Probate & Trust client


“It is my pleasure to serve as a professional reference for Brittany Cline. I have found Brittany to be an exceptionally gifted lawyer. She is poised and professional. Her oral advocacy is organized and concise.

Her research skills in preparation are persistent and thorough. She maintains an excellent reputation among her peers and within the community as an exceptional litigator.”

-Real Estate client


“I am a medical professional and I am NOT easy to work with. I am critical and very particular when it comes to professional services. I first met Mr. Kenney for estate planning and asset protection needs. His ability to sit with me and my wife for several hours to first understand our needs and then to make clear his recommendations was extraordinary. In very understandable, non-legal terms he was able to communicate to us the proper structure for our family’s optimal position to manage against the vagaries of life, and to have our family protected were something to happen to me or my wife. He went on to deliver an amazing product, very fairly priced and with remarkable access for clarification or other questions that required his interpretation.

Since our initial professional engagement with him we have had several other professional encounters with Mr. Kenney and the same expedited, well thought out and professional service was rendered. It should also be mentioned that the experience of his professional staff is clearly top notch, as my interactions with them have always produced whatever result was desired. The office is responsive –Mr Kenney responds to emails consistently within 24 hours, but usually within only several hours. I had a closing for a particular investment on December 31st, and the office paralegal basically jumped through rings of fire to get the work done in time to be able to fund the investment.

Beyond his own very affable style and professional expertise Mr Kenney has associates in related, but non-legal fields that complement what he does. Currently my insurance broker, CPA and the custodian of my self-directed IRA (created by Mr. Kenney) are referrals from his network of professionals. When the original custodian was bought out and the new company stopped managing self-directed IRAs he had me in touch with another equally as qualified office in less than 30 minutes (honest)! My experience with Mr. Kenney is such that I can recommend him without reservation for estate planning, asset protection, self-directed IRA, or LLC needs. I suspect there is more he does with equal aplomb, but I have not sought his counsel in any other area than those mentioned above.”

-Asset Protection client


“Brittany handled our Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. She was very knowledgeable and was very kind to us in a very stressful (for me) situation.”

-Chapter 7 client


“John Kenney has been my attorney for many years, and has helped me with through many ups and downs of life with compassion and knowledge. He has assisted me with real estate law, LLC’s, bankruptcy, and divorce. I’m blessed to have an upstanding attorney who I consider to be a friend.”

-Bankruptcy client


“My business had started to grow requiring me to bring on subcontractors to meet the demands of my customers. In order to protect the business I contacted Brittany to review our growth plan and help identify any areas of exposures. Brittany put together an all inclusive subcontractor contract that provided the protection we needed, laid out the insurance/licensing requirements and even developed a non-compete clause to protect us from our subs from trying to take our business after we had invested the time and resources to train them. Brittany truly exceeded our expectations with the quality and detail of the contract as well as with the speed in which it was delivered.”

-Business Law client


“It’s well known in our local Real Estate Investing community that John is our local expert when it comes to law related to Real Estate Investing. He’s the first, and generally the last one we ask when a new wrinkle comes up or we’re trying to make sure we’re handing something the right way legally. He is prompt, responsive, and has a deep knowledge base in the area of law that pertains to my business.”

-Real Estate client


“For someone like myself, unfamiliar with the legal process involving business and finance Brittany Cline was, and is, a God send. She made our entire experience as stress free and snag free as possible, while maintaining a professional and aggressive stance in our interest. There were no scarey or unexplained parts to our process, and everything was explained accurately before we actually experienced it.

And besides all of the above, Brittany Cline actually cares about her clients. I would recommend her completely and wholeheartedly to anyone in search of a good honest attorney.”

-Chapter 7 client


“YES! And I have referred him a number of times and the personal review I get every time is the same as my votes here! He has the knowledge of a lawyer and the integrity of a Naval Officer. I believe a person just cannot go wrong with those attributes if you need legal advise on anything! Estate planning is where we started and I seek his advise on every other legal issue that comes my way.”

-Estate Planning client


“We had a complicated real estate issue concerning encroachment by our neighbor. Brittany did a fabulous job of researching it and developing a solution. She gave us an expectation of how it would play out and that is exactly what happened.

From the start Brittany was professional, empathetic and passionate toward our cause.
We give her our highest recommendation for anyone seeking legal advise.”

-Real Estate client


“With the sudden diagnosis of my husband’s aggressive brain tumor, we were fortunately referred to Attorney John Kenney in Poulsbo.

My husband and I felt relieved by John’s compassion for our situation, and then comfortable with his organized and experienced handling of our estate planning needs. During our first session, legal matters were explained in plain English, and repeated patiently when asked again and again.

John’s knowledge in Estate Planning left us feeling that he would take care of our legal matters, while we concentrated on living the rest of the year to its fullest.

The Estate Planning Portfolio, prepared by John and Colleen of his staff, was clearly tabbed for easy retrieval and access by family members. He felt a need to review the Estate Planning Documents with our adult son as well. This would make it easier for any future interactions.

Within a year my husband passed away, and John helped us immensely with the Trust administration, working with our financial advisor and CPA. What a comfort that was.

John responded promptly to all our questions and concerns, and kept us informed of the status of legal matters. In the last 5 years, I have continued to rely on his office for related legal matters, and feel grateful that he is always available to help me and my family.”

-Estate Planning client


“John and his office staff are punctual, knowlegable and thorough. I have complete confidence in their legal work for me in both setting up an LLC and a personal trust/will.”

-Trusts client


“Brittany not only responded to every question and issue posed by myself and wife that came up in our case but went the extra distance to research out other issues and questions to full resolutions. It was her personal determination to reach the best possible ending of our case, and to that end she was unrelenting untenable in her efforts to get the correct answers. On the occasions that she did not have an answer to a question she was forthcoming with a plan to get the answer and followed thru 100% of the time.

Our case was a chapter seven bankruptcy. As with all cases there were very specific challenges and questions involved. One issue took her to the top of the court system to get the correct answer. That one question alone made a huge difference in the outcome of our case! It in fact changed our futures, for which I will be eternally grateful”

-Chapter 7 client


“John has been an excellent and knowledgeable legal resource for my real estate investing business. He’s very responsive, and is willing to admit when he does not have the knowledge needed to provide me a substantial answer. He’s never wasted my time nor my money.”

-Real Estate client